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Invest, Renovate, Refinance... Repeat

We're real estate developers, investors, contractors and property managers. Servicing New York State. 



What sets us apart

At Copper Club we know that your property is your most important asset.


As Upstate New York's premier investment, management and renovation company. Real estate matters to us, so we serve all aspects. Our goal is to do work that you're proud of - this way we can brag to our future clients about you. 


Your satisfaction is our top priority. 

Client Services

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Full Service Renovation

We manage renovations from studs to finish. We strive to keep costs open and up-front, and communicate along the way.

Plumbing, Electric and Maintenance 

We have in-house and subcontracted Plumbing, Electric and General Maintenance professionals on-hand for your maintenance needs. 

Property Management

Sadly, we only manage properties that are within our own portfolio, or exceed 40 apartments. 

Investment management

We buy and sell real estate for ourselves and for clients. We know this industry, and we do all of our work in-house to keep costs 100% in our control from purchase to sale. 

Dedicated Local Teams

Our expert local teams of passionate professionals. Property management, renovation, or investing - you're in our family of companies. 


Hi, I'm Wesley Sherow, a seasoned real estate professional with experience in property management, development, and syndication. I've managed 400 apartments and arbitraged 40 Airbnbs in Jersey City, developed/renovated over 30 properties, and have attended to over 4,000 service calls over the last 3 years. I've also delivered strong returns for investors in my syndicated deals. Let's connect!

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Renovations, Maintenance, Management and Investments. We do a little bit of everything because we're investors ourselves. 

If anything on this page is of interest to you, please give us a call at 518-900-7966 to learn more. We're friends in the industry, and are always willing to give a minute of our time - if there's a way we can work together, they we will be happy to! 

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